VILD brings years upon years of design experience to the forefront. From a touch of class in one room, to the sophisticated party in another, to the chic pool party outside, we design more than just layouts. We paint a canvas that clients spend their lives in. We've designed everything from rooms, to apartments, to townhome's, to large homes. Everything from the simple living room or outside deck, to the wine cellar or home theater. Vast resources at arm's length, VILD combines creativity and time with the people to get the job done! Although our home office resides in Northern NJ, we cater to 14 different states including NY, FL, CA, TX , NC, AZ, SC, RI, NV, PA, CT, TN, WA.

VILD works within a very simple business plan. After discussing what you are looking to do, we only charge 50% of the total job down, produce 3    completely separate designs with furniture recommendations, and should one of our plans be favored enough for choosing, the remaining 50% at full job             completion. If for any reason you don't favor any plans rendered, we will continue to work with you to create exactly what your looking for (or)                         conclude our business and you'll owe nothing further. However, note that VILD has never had any plans discussed and collaborated with                            a client rejected for lack of creativity or vision. We always deliver quality ideas.

            VILDesigns invites you to trust your space and comfort with us. Let us design the layout of your new home, or redesign your current home.                      It will be a new era for your comfort and image!